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FIC - Three Square Meals

Title:  Three Square Meals
Author:  Twocanz
Length:  15,299 (broken down into 3 parts due to length)
Pairings:  Harry/Ginny, Harry/Cho, Harry/Draco
Beta:  Sequana at Perfect Imagination
Warnings:  selfishness, smexing, and slash.  Also, though it was beta'd, any mistakes still left are my own.
Summary:  For Harry, the weekend was meant for over-indulgence.  In every way possible.


Saturday, 7:09amGrimmauld Place


Harry turned over.  Emerald eyes eased open, taking in the blurry vision of his alarm clock.  The weekend was upon him, and he couldn’t help but smile.  He was sure he loved his weekends more than the average person did. That would be because his weekends were probably unlike the average person’s and definitely more fulfilling.


It wasn’t the aggravating trill of his clock that woke him this Saturday morning.  No, Harry rarely needed that on the weekends.  It was his nose, filled with the combined aroma of Mrs. Weasley’s sausages, Mrs. Weasley’s fried eggs, Mrs. Weasley’s specialty kippers, and Mrs. Weasley’s porridge.  The twenty-two-year-old Auror’s stomach growled.  He loved Mrs. Weasley’s cooking; he always had done.  Unfortunately, he could never create those mouthwatering aromas on his own.  The scents alone gave him a sense of home, even though Harry lived alone at number twelve, Grimmauld Place.  The Weasley home in general had that effect on him; that was why whenever he came in contact with Amoretia, all-things-Burrow was the most dominating scent.


Was being the operative word.  There were now other lovely scents that have since infiltrated his Amoretia experience.


Harry crawled out of bed to wash up a bit before he would head downstairs to enjoy Mrs. Weasley’s cooking.  When he came out of the bathroom, his chef was standing in his bedroom, wearing an apron with a splotch of powder on her cheek and a little soot on her nose from when she Flooed into his home that morning.


“Good morning, Ginny,” Harry smiled.  “I wondered if you’d be back in town this weekend.  Heard the game yesterday was going well into the night…”


Ginny nodded with a nervous smile and walked toward him to receive a kiss on her cheek.  “Yes, Sarah finally caught the bloody Snitch around two-thirty this morning.  Luckily, the Wasps’ Seeker is rubbish at seeing with his eyes closed and fast asleep on his broom,” she joked.


Harry chuckled.  “I reckon that can make things difficult.”  His laughter mixed with hers as he watched her tuck a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.


She was adorable.  Harry had always thought so – well, when he had begun to notice that she existed.  Her body was lithe and athletic.  She was a demon on the pitch, and if nothing else, that was a huge turn on for Harry.  But turning him on was already happening with the sight of her in that apron and all the wonderful food he knew she had waiting for him downstairs.  She knew that too; that’s why she never missed a Saturday or Sunday at Grimmauld Place.  No matter the circumstances.


He watched her yawn.  “Have you gotten any sleep, Gin?”


Her pretty face contorted in an effort to try to keep her eyelids from falling.  “Not really,” she answered, shaking her head slightly and sounding as if she were fit to yawn again.  She did.  “Went straight home to shower and change after the team meeting.  Then I gathered ingredients I knew you wouldn’t have and came here.  But I see your cupboards are well stocked.  I’m surprised, Harry,” she remarked, looking at him with a mixture of appreciation and surprise.


Harry paused for a moment, hesitant to respond.  He knew he should.  “Well, I’m…cooking dinner this evening,” he said to her eyes, then to the left wall, then to the floor.


“Oh,” Ginny replied quietly.  Harry easily recognized the disappointment in her eyes just before she lowered her head.


The hero thought quickly.  “Um, well, you’re brilliant for coming with little-to-no sleep.  Trust a woman to battle all night and then get up bright and early, lovely and sweet to make breakfast,” he said and meant every word.


He was rewarded with a smile as she walked toward him.  “Trust this woman to do that for you, Harry, always,” Ginny said, her voice low, her smile turning sly.


Their lips were touching before their hands found purchase on their bodies.  Once they did, breakfast was soon forgotten. 


Ginny reached behind herself to untie her apron while Harry’s relentless tongue invaded her mouth.  But her hands were stopped by those of the young man and placed around his neck instead.  The redhead’s shirt was lifted, and she helped by pulling her arms through the sleeves.  The apron strap around her neck did not hinder the removal of the t-shirt.  Harry only released her mouth for a moment to pull the shirt through the strap and over her head.


The hands around his neck did not stay put as he had intended.  They went to work on his pajama top, nearly ripping the buttons open as the Quaffle-catching fingers worked their way down his torso.  Harry undid Ginny’s bra with practiced ease and they worked together to get if off her arms and out of the ever-present apron.  Both Gryffindors now naked from the waist up – besides the apron – Harry’s hands slid up and down the soft skin of her bare back and sides.  Ginny hummed with pleasure into his mouth at the feel of his callous palms caressing her skin.  The raven-haired man moaned as her narrow hips moved suggestively against his morning erection - now his Ginny-erection.


“Mmm, Ginny,” Harry whimpered when she released his mouth and attached her teeth to his neck while teasing him.  The hero began clawing at her pale skin as his desire for her grew stronger.  The clawing finally lowered to her hips, where he pulled them away to not only keep from unloading way too soon, but to reach under the apron to remove her jeans.  Harry nearly yanked the denim down her toned legs, forgetting to be as gentle with her as he always had been before.  Taking a moment to step completely away from her before he pounced on her like his body wanted him too, he took her hand gently and helped her step out of her jeans and underwear.


Though Harry wanted to be gentle, Ginny didn’t seem to have that idea.  She kicked away her jeans and pulled at his waistband.  He was naked in a second.  Smiling at this new boldness, Harry snatched the redhead in his arms and lifted her.  As if he were her Quidditch broom, Ginny wrapped her legs around Harry’s waist instinctively.  They attacked each other’s mouth as the hero walked them toward his bed.  He crawled on it with only his knees, his petite lover clinging to him with ease. Harry literally had to grab hold of her forearms to release her grip around his neck and lay her head on his pillow.  Her legs, however, weren’t budging.


Brown - often sweet but now darkened with lust - eyes peered up at him as her legs disobeyed his gentle nudging.  Harry smiled down at his adorable little angel and was glad, for once, the angel had flown the coup.  This redheaded little devil kept eye contact as she slowly began to roll her pelvis against him with her ankles locked around his waist.  Given their position, Harry’s cock was laying against her open lower lips.  Ginny moaned as his shaft slid across her clit.


“Mmmm, Harry…” she whispered, though she was pleasuring herself with his erection.


Their eyes stayed locked as she continued, Harry crumbling in the sensation of her soft, wet nub tickling the vein under his cock.  Suddenly, he grabbed the middle of the apron above her waist and twisted it around his fist.  He didn’t care that the strap around her neck dug into her sun-kissed skin from the tautness of his pull.  All Harry cared about was that her creamy mounds of flesh sprang free from either side of the material.  Ginny’s strawberry red tips were already hard before his tongue circled them hungrily.  Because he was leaning forward to feed on her nipples, his shaft pressed even harder on her clit.  The littlest Weasley’s hips moved faster against the meat the more Harry sucked and licked and bit at her tasty tips.


Her moans were coming more rapidly, as was the moisture she produced between her bottom lips.  Harry knew she would be coming soon from the teasing alone, and he didn’t want that.  Not like that, at least.  Using a little more force this time, he hooked his hands under the young woman’s knees and pried her legs apart.  With the forced released of her legs, the redhead’s hands attached themselves to Harry’s neck and hung on.  Mentally, Harry chuckled to himself about how - on so many levels - Ginny was incapable of letting him go.


Swiftly, the Gryffindors rolled over, causing red hair to rain down on Harry’s face.  He reached behind her head and fisted the soft tresses.  Their mouths found each other and Ginny administered that kiss like Firewhisky she liked to give him on occasion.  No doubt the mention of his dinner arrangements brought that on.  Nevertheless, it was paralyzing to the hero; dangerous but sweet.  Harry was kissed into his pillow before she moved to his neck, licking the thick column, then proceeding to nip at his lightly stubbled chin.


“Shit, Ginny…” he groaned before she covered his mouth once more.


Then Harry felt her reach down and behind her body.  Suddenly, his cock was in her tiny hand and his dripping head was being positioned by the sweet, little angel at her sweet, little hole.  He had never experienced Ginny taking charge of their sex.  She was often passive in their lovemaking, though eager to do it each time, each morning. 


As she slid her tight, red cunt down his dick, Harry couldn’t care about any other morning but this one.


With a final nip at his lip, the lean body of the Chaser sat upright on Harry’s lap.  The apron only covered one of her breasts and completely hid the connection of their bodies.  But as she began to move, Harry didn’t need to see anything, he simply reveled in the glorious sensations she was causing.  Ginny bit her lip and rested her head to the side as she developed a rhythm on the deep-seated cock.  Harry cursed under his breath as her walls held him tight while easing up and down, squeezing every inch of him he had inside her.  One of his calloused hands slid up her thigh, disappearing under the apron and grasped her hip, while the other reached for her exposed breast.


Ginny may have been more aggressive than usual before he was blessed to be inside her this morning, but now she moved in that slow lovemaking-with-Ginny speed Harry was accustom too.  And that was perfectly fine with him.  His sweet, little angel had returned, looking adorable on top of him, taking him at her own pace. 


Though he often found her adorable, he had to admit she looked damn sexy with that apron on and nothing else but a cock up her pussy.


Slowly, her pace increased.  Harry released her breast and hid his other hand under the apron too.  Ginny’s eyes opened and looked down to meet his emerald gaze.  He could see everything that she was thinking, feeling, and hoping in her expressive, brown eyes.  Hints of it were always there, even when they weren’t having sex and she was simply making his breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  Harry usually tried to ignore it, hoping she would do the same, but his little angel was never one to let things go.


“Oh, Harry,” she moaned.  She was close.  He, on the other hand, had been doing all he could not to cum the moment she slid him inside her.  Close for him was an understatement.


“Gin…” he whispered, reaching for her face.


Bending down to him, Harry held her cheek and brought her lips to his.  Ginny continued to ride his dick, stroking it up and down with her pussy quickly, though kissing him gently. Allowing her to take over the kissing, Harry held onto her hips with both hands again and helped to speed up her ride.  Red hair curtained his face as she lifted her head to breathe.  He could feel her body trembling as she brought them closer and closer to the edge.  Harry lifted his hips as best he could as they breathed heavily into each other mouths.  The added thrusts caused them both to moan even more and their eyes to slide close.


“Yes, yes, yes….” Ginny chanted quietly to Harry’s chin.  He, however, was mouthing swear words into her auburn tresses.


Harry couldn’t hold back any longer.  “Ginny, I…” he gasped.  “I…”


“Cum, love,” she whispered as if granting him permission before taking over his mouth once more.


Harry grunted on her tongue as his dick unloaded inside her tight, little space.  That little devil reappeared one last time.  Ginny kissed him deeper as he tried to breathe while grinding herself to completion on his convulsing member. 


They lay trembling, spent and sweaty on Harry’s bed with nothing between them but an apron.  Ginny’s petite, lean body fit perfectly on top of Harry, her face tucked into his neck.  They lay in silence besides their panting, doing all they could to catch their breath.  The redhead eased her hand through her hair lying on Harry’s collar bone until she tucked her fingers under his neck.  The hero caressed her freckled arm as their breathing finally steadied.


The room was quiet and still, filled once again with the aromas of breakfast and punctuated with the sweet, tangy smells of sex.  It was heavenly.  It was certainly the weekend, and Harry loved his weekends.  A smile teased the corner of his mouth.


“I love you, Harry,” Ginny whispered. 


His tiny smile disappeared.  Harry didn’t speak though he may have felt somewhat similar to what she felt.  Somewhat.  And he knew better then to even say that much.  But Ginny didn’t press him for a response.  Not this time.  Instead she yawned on his chest.


“Exhausted now, aren’t you?” Harry ventured before kissing the top of her head.  Ginny grunted a response and nodded in his neck.  “Can’t let breakfast go to waste though, can we?” He smiled though she didn’t see it.


She giggled.  “No, can’t do that.  I worked hard on it as always.”  Slowly, the Chaser eased up on her forearms on Harry’s chest.  Her petite frame was so light, he could barely register the pressure.  “I’m completely knackered though,” she said, a hint of unease creeping into the hope already present in her eyes.  “Thought maybe I’d take a…nap….here…in your bed,” she suggested tentatively.


Harry’s smile struggled to maintain, unease creeping into his hungry belly.  “Uh, yeah sure, Gin, of course.  Take a nap.”


This didn’t seem to take the tension from her eyes or shoulders.  “Thanks,” she said quietly, her eyes lowering to his chest, but she looked as though she had more to say.  “And perhaps…when I wake up, I can…make you…lunch?” she suggested to his collarbone. 


Harry did all he could to hold back a sigh.  He didn’t want to see the inevitable disappointment in her eyes as much as he didn’t want to cause it, but he lifted her chin regardless to focus on the soft, brown gaze.  “Ginny, you know I have a lunch engagement today.”


Ginny did nothing to hold back her sigh.  “Yes, I know.  But I thought maybe – for once – I could be your lunch…engagement.”


The hero exhaled slowly.  “Ginny, you know…”


“Yes, fine – whatever!” the redhead exclaimed through her teeth before springing up off the Auror.


Harry sat up and quickly got to his feet.  “Ginny, please don’t be upset,” he begged as he watched her yank off the apron and pull on her clothing.  “Let’s just go downstairs and have breakfast.  Hate to see you go to all the trouble and it wasted for no reason.”


The twenty-one year old paused at his words and looked at him through narrowed eyes.  Harry wasn’t sure why she was staring at him like that for so long, but he hoped it meant she was considering his offer.


“See you in the morning, Harry,” Ginny said dejectedly and rushed from the room


Harry attempted to keep up with her as she raced out the room and down the stairs.  But the Auror couldn’t catch the Chaser, and she disappeared through green flames in his kitchen fire place.


The hero watched the flames die away, feeling horrible and irritated by the situation.  It wasn’t the first time he had experienced it, and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last. 


Suddenly, his stomach growled, no doubt from the whiff of the still-warm food laid out on the table.  Naked and now alone, Harry went upstairs to put on his clothes so that he might enjoy his first meal of the day.

Part 2